Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Luxury Retail Mystery Shops

DSG Associates, Inc. is excited to share that we have great high end retail mystery shops available! Below is our current list of locations for the last week of June. Be sure to contact DSG at 800-462-8765 to see if you qualify! These are going fast!

Sacramento, CA        
Carmel, CA
McAllen, TX
Vail, CO
Andover, MA
Cincinnati, OH
Somers Point, NJ
Calgary, AB

If you are comfortable shopping in a high end retail environment, this may just be a great shop for you! Shoppers are asked to browse a store with luxury items that are anywhere from $5,000-$100,000. If diamonds are your thing, give us a call!

We ask our shoppers to shop for a specific item whether it be an accessory, a watch, or a piece of jewelry. Shoppers are given the price of the item to help assure them that they are shopping for the correct piece. The point of this assignment is to evaluate the sales associate that assists you. Are they knowledgeable of the pieces they show you? Do they provide a story behind the piece you are shopping for? If not, did you ask? Shoppers are asked to make an objection to hopefully encourage the associate to make other suggestions.

If this is something you are comfortable doing, and you can act as if you are ready to purchase an item during your visit, this may be a great fit for you! You are not required to purchase anything in the store. In fact, you must decline after asking if there are any discounts offered. Contact DSG for more details on these shops and to see if you qualify!

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