Friday, June 22, 2012

YOU Are Important

Mystery shopping is such a major part of many businesses. Other than getting free meals, trips or other products, shoppers are working to report back every experience they have with a company. These companies take this information to determine their next business move. Companies will analyze patterns and their consistencies, good or bad. It is important for shoppers to report back accurate information based on the questions asked on the evaluation form.

Like many other businesses, mystery shoppers do have to meet their deadline. When a scheduler asks a shopper to have the results ready by a specific date, it's most likely because those results are going to be presented in the conference room. DSG offers many specific team member insurance shops. These shops entail evaluating a specific team member in training while getting an auto insurance quote. Did the team member offer you discounts that you may have qualified for? Did the team member explain the importance of coverage and how it can differ? This information is reported to the mystery shopping company which is then sent to the client in time for their presentation. We are helping these insurance companies improve there services. YOU are helping the insurance company and letting them know how great their team member was, or maybe what they need to work on. Our insurance shops are just an example. The importance of these reports, apply to all of our clients. YOUR reports can make a major difference.

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