Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Mystery Shop?

What is it that compels people to become mystery shoppers? Do I have to travel out of my way? Will I be compensated for my time? What about gas mileage? What if I don't like the shop! What is the deal with mystery shopping???

We asked our shoppers, "Other than earning extra money...what is it that made YOU want to become a mystery shopper?" We were pleased with the number of respondents. Many agreed that there is a lot of flexibility when creating a mystery shopping schedule. Debbie from Louisiana and Pamela from Oklahoma both agreed that other than making some extra money, they were drawn to mystery shopping for it's flexibility. Lets get probably won't be making a living by becoming a mystery shopper. Shoppers actually do have lives outside of mystery shopping!

Barb from Ohio said that she likes the fact that she can pick and choose the jobs she wants to do and when she wants to do them . Many of the jobs offered by DSG can be completed during the hours an establishment is open. There are a few shops you may run into that do expect to be completed within a specific time frame. Again, YOU make the choice on when you can complete the shop. Sometimes our client wants to know what's going on in their restaurant during the busy lunch hour! If you can't make big deal! Try it out for breakfust or dinner.

Another reason why people decide to become shoppers is because of the experience! Aileen from Arizona said she enjoys shopping  for "the opportunity of new experiences that may or may not have been available to me ordinarily." Want to grab a bite to eat at the drive thru restaurant down the street? Why not?! You didn't feel like cooking tonight anyway! There are also great opportunites that may become available at new high end restaurants that one may have not even considered dining at.

Restaurants are just an example. DSG offers a variety of mystery shops to choose from. Make a stop at the local credit union, go car shopping at the local dealership, make a call for an auto insurance quote, mystery shop a retail store. Again, there are many different assignments that shoppers can choose from.

Lesa from Pennsylvania explained that she decided to become a shopper because she enjoys helping businesses improve. There are quite a few perks when it comes to mystery shopping, but the bottom line is you are helping our clients navigate their business to success. Shoppers are not only asked to enjoy a meal or browse a store, but to evaluate the service, location and products. Clients want to know the facts and what  the shoppers walk away with after having an experience with the company.

There are several different reasons why people decide to become mystery shoppers. Whether it be for the experience, the extra money, the flexibility or even to just help a business out, DSG is always happy to help shoppers choose the right shop for them. 

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