Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Avoiding the Scams!

Scams...they're out there. Scammers have surreptitiously succeeded in convincing many innocent people that they would earn a generous amount of money by completing a "mystery shop." These scammers have even had the audacity to pose as other legitimate trusted mystery shopping companies to persuade shoppers in...let's say...cashing a check! There are so many horror stories out there. Those that are truly interested in becoming mystery shoppers must are these scams avoidable?

Let's start with the basics! If it sounds too good to be true...well it ain't true. DSG has received a number of phone calls from shoppers asking our representatives for advice on accepting a mystery shopping assignment from a mysterious company. We encourage our shoppers to sign up with multiple companies to open the door to more mystery shopping opportunities, but in some cases, we highly recommend shoppers to ditch the offer. Many stories we hear consist of receiving a check for a large amount, we'll say something like $3,000. Shoppers are often times asked to take the check to the bank. Maybe they're asked to cash it or complete a currency exchange and then keep a few hundred dollars for themselves. That's a No No friends.

In case shoppers do run into a situation where a scammer is disguising themselves as a real mystery shopping the company! Let them know that you received this outrageous offer. You can always go to the company's website and find their contact information. Someone will get back to you and set the record straight, then of course report the situation.

Below is the link to a story on a family who did unfortunately fall for the mystery shopping scam. Take a look!

Don't let us scare you! If anyone is seriously considering signing up to become a mystery shopper, please visit the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) website to view the list of legitimate mystery shopping companies at  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Luxury Retail Mystery Shops

DSG Associates, Inc. is excited to share that we have great high end retail mystery shops available! Below is our current list of locations for the last week of June. Be sure to contact DSG at 800-462-8765 to see if you qualify! These are going fast!

Sacramento, CA        
Carmel, CA
McAllen, TX
Vail, CO
Andover, MA
Cincinnati, OH
Somers Point, NJ
Calgary, AB

If you are comfortable shopping in a high end retail environment, this may just be a great shop for you! Shoppers are asked to browse a store with luxury items that are anywhere from $5,000-$100,000. If diamonds are your thing, give us a call!

We ask our shoppers to shop for a specific item whether it be an accessory, a watch, or a piece of jewelry. Shoppers are given the price of the item to help assure them that they are shopping for the correct piece. The point of this assignment is to evaluate the sales associate that assists you. Are they knowledgeable of the pieces they show you? Do they provide a story behind the piece you are shopping for? If not, did you ask? Shoppers are asked to make an objection to hopefully encourage the associate to make other suggestions.

If this is something you are comfortable doing, and you can act as if you are ready to purchase an item during your visit, this may be a great fit for you! You are not required to purchase anything in the store. In fact, you must decline after asking if there are any discounts offered. Contact DSG for more details on these shops and to see if you qualify!

Friday, June 22, 2012

YOU Are Important

Mystery shopping is such a major part of many businesses. Other than getting free meals, trips or other products, shoppers are working to report back every experience they have with a company. These companies take this information to determine their next business move. Companies will analyze patterns and their consistencies, good or bad. It is important for shoppers to report back accurate information based on the questions asked on the evaluation form.

Like many other businesses, mystery shoppers do have to meet their deadline. When a scheduler asks a shopper to have the results ready by a specific date, it's most likely because those results are going to be presented in the conference room. DSG offers many specific team member insurance shops. These shops entail evaluating a specific team member in training while getting an auto insurance quote. Did the team member offer you discounts that you may have qualified for? Did the team member explain the importance of coverage and how it can differ? This information is reported to the mystery shopping company which is then sent to the client in time for their presentation. We are helping these insurance companies improve there services. YOU are helping the insurance company and letting them know how great their team member was, or maybe what they need to work on. Our insurance shops are just an example. The importance of these reports, apply to all of our clients. YOUR reports can make a major difference.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like Everything Else in Life...You Better Follow Directions!

Being a mystery shopper is a fun and great way for people to earn some extra cash. Mystery shopping does have it's perks. Shoppers are asked to try a delicious meal at a restaurant on the company's tab or browse a luxurious store and try on one of a kind pieces. Shoppers are asked to test drive a brand new car at the local dealership. Sometimes shoppers land an assignment that takes them on a great getaway such as a beautiful cruise trip or a few nights stay at a five star hotel! As stated by some of our own shoppers, mystery shopping can open the door to new experiences. Mystery shopping does have its perks however, it still is a job.

You don't necessarily need a college degree to become a mystery shopper, but there are certain skills companies look for in a person when assigning a shop. Shoppers must be able to follow directions. The key to performing a great mystery shop is by having a full understanding of the instructions and what the shop entails. When shoppers are asked to order a meal at a restaurant, they aren't just letting the company know how it tasted. Companies want to know the specifics. How long did it take you to be greeted when you entered the restaurant? How long was your wait to be seated? How long was your wait to be served? Did your server make any suggestions or share the specials for the evening? Was the server knowledgable? There are plenty of things that shoppers need to be aware of while dining out on the company's tab.

Shopper Barb from Ohio advises new shoppers to "View/read ALL the tutorial," before performing a mystery shop. She is absolutely correct! If you want to get paid for your time and effort, you need to be sure your are performing the shop correctly. The "tutorial" Barb is referrnig to is the instructions that the clients are asking shoppers to follow while performing a shop in their business. Here at DSG, we prefer to actually speak with the shoppers on the phone, especially when it is their first time shopping a particular shop. Our DSG Representatives walk the shopper through the guidelines and are there to answer any questions the shopper may have to better prepare them to complete a valid shop. We are always happy to help!

So remember, mystery shopping is definitely a fun way to experience new food, shops, trips, etc. BUT it still is a job. These are companies that are relying on YOU to report back what went on in their establishment and it is crucial that shoppers follow the necessary steps to complete a valid shop.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Credit Union Shops

Alright everyone, we have Credit Union Shops that are waiting to be assigned to YOU. We have over 200 Credit Union locations for the month of June in AL, AR, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV. In other words...shoppers have PLENTY to choose from.

Is making a quick stop at the Credit Union on your "to-do" list? Well just hold that thought for a minute. DSG is offering $15 for shoppers to complete a shared branch transaction and is giving shoppers the opportunity to pick up multiple assignments. Shoppers are asked to evaluate the service they receive along with the branch itself. There is a quick and easy to complete majority Yes/No questionnaire form. Just 25 questions!

Not a member of a Credit Union? Not a problem! The shops we offer are not just for members. If you're interested in opening the door to a greater shopping opportunity then you might be interested in openining an account. DSG Associates, Inc. offers credit union mystery shops that involve opening an account depending on your geographic area. These shops pay $20-$25. You can refer to the CU Service Center website to find qualifying credit unions in your area. The credit union you are a member of must be a credit union that is affiliated with the branches we shop. All affiliated credit unions are found here Simply type in your zip code to find a list of affiliated credit unions near by.

Remember, for the majority of our credit union shops, shoppers are not allowed to mystery shop their own credit union. If you are playing around with the idea of joining a credit union, be sure to contact a DSG representative so they can help you determine which credit union might be best to join. Again if you are intersted in findng more out about these shops please do not hesitate to call DSG at 800-462-8765. Anyon available will be more than happy to assist you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Mystery Shop?

What is it that compels people to become mystery shoppers? Do I have to travel out of my way? Will I be compensated for my time? What about gas mileage? What if I don't like the shop! What is the deal with mystery shopping???

We asked our shoppers, "Other than earning extra money...what is it that made YOU want to become a mystery shopper?" We were pleased with the number of respondents. Many agreed that there is a lot of flexibility when creating a mystery shopping schedule. Debbie from Louisiana and Pamela from Oklahoma both agreed that other than making some extra money, they were drawn to mystery shopping for it's flexibility. Lets get probably won't be making a living by becoming a mystery shopper. Shoppers actually do have lives outside of mystery shopping!

Barb from Ohio said that she likes the fact that she can pick and choose the jobs she wants to do and when she wants to do them . Many of the jobs offered by DSG can be completed during the hours an establishment is open. There are a few shops you may run into that do expect to be completed within a specific time frame. Again, YOU make the choice on when you can complete the shop. Sometimes our client wants to know what's going on in their restaurant during the busy lunch hour! If you can't make big deal! Try it out for breakfust or dinner.

Another reason why people decide to become shoppers is because of the experience! Aileen from Arizona said she enjoys shopping  for "the opportunity of new experiences that may or may not have been available to me ordinarily." Want to grab a bite to eat at the drive thru restaurant down the street? Why not?! You didn't feel like cooking tonight anyway! There are also great opportunites that may become available at new high end restaurants that one may have not even considered dining at.

Restaurants are just an example. DSG offers a variety of mystery shops to choose from. Make a stop at the local credit union, go car shopping at the local dealership, make a call for an auto insurance quote, mystery shop a retail store. Again, there are many different assignments that shoppers can choose from.

Lesa from Pennsylvania explained that she decided to become a shopper because she enjoys helping businesses improve. There are quite a few perks when it comes to mystery shopping, but the bottom line is you are helping our clients navigate their business to success. Shoppers are not only asked to enjoy a meal or browse a store, but to evaluate the service, location and products. Clients want to know the facts and what  the shoppers walk away with after having an experience with the company.

There are several different reasons why people decide to become mystery shoppers. Whether it be for the experience, the extra money, the flexibility or even to just help a business out, DSG is always happy to help shoppers choose the right shop for them. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shops Available! Call Today!

DSG Associates, Inc. continues to offer several different ways for people to earn extra money. Sign up on line at for free, you will be able to check out all of the available mystery shops we have in your area within a 15 mile radius. Willing to travel farther to complete a shop? Increase your radius! We currently have shops availbale in WA, OR, RI, MA, NY, AR, NC and MO.

Do you and your family enjoy pizza dinners? Dine out on DSG! We have great pizza dinner shops available this month in E. Wenatchee, WA and Madras, OR. Feel free to bring your family and enjoy. Evaluate the service you receive along with the Pizza you order and let us know how your visit went. These shops are great for the family and easy to complete. Contact DSG for details to see if you qualify.

If family dinner's don't fit your schedule, try out our fast food restaurant mystery shops. We have shops available in Warwick, RI, Sturbridge, MA and Hamburg, NY , Fordyce, AR, Heber Springs, AR, Batesville, AR, Cave City, AR and Quitman, AR this month. Order a quick meal on DSG while evaluating the service you receive at the counter or the drive thru, depending on the assignment. DSG requires that shoppers just remain on the lot for a minimum of 10 minutes. Let us know how quick the service was, how your food tasted, the cleanliness of the location and how pleasent your interaction was with each employee.

Why not get paid to run errands or do what you do on a regular basis? DSG offers great credit union mystery shops. Take as little as three minutes to complete a simple transaction at a specified branch. Make a deposit, withdrawal, payment or a transfer between accounts and get paid to evaluate the branch and teller that assists you. DSG currently has credit union mystery shops available in St. Louis, MO, Asheville, NC, Graham, NC, Salisbury, NC, Greensboro, NC and Kings Mountain, NC for the month of June. Don't miss out on these easy to complete mystery shops! Get paid to do what you need to do anyway!
Contact DSG today for details and see if you qualify for these shops. Call 800-462-8765 or go to

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"I Left My Heart...In San Francisco"

Ok..maybe you didn't leave your heart in San Francisco, but don't leave this page without contacting DSG! We have continuous mystery shopping opportunities available in San Francisco. Shoppers can earn $50 per assignment by evaluating specified terminals at the airport. If you are in the Bay Area, try it out! You can contact DSG at 800-462-8765 for details. Remember...signing up with DSG is completely FREE. Go to